Wir können uns nur dann mit unserer Intuition verbinden, wenn wir ganz präsent mit uns selber sind. 

Wir können uns nur dann mit unserer Intuition verbinden, wenn wir ganz präsent mit uns selber sind. 

Wir können uns nur dann mit unserer Intuition verbinden, wenn wir ganz präsent mit uns selber sind. 

Ich bin vor einigen Tagen in Deutschland angekommen und wie immer ist diese Reise für mich eine Zeit, in der ich mich selbst erforsche, meine Höhen und Tiefen erlebe und das, was ich lerne und lehre, üben kann.Ich verbringe gerade Zeit mit meinen Eltern, was immer eine Quelle von Freude und auch Herausforderungen ist. Während ich verschiedene Emotionen in mir erlebe,merke ich, wieviele Ideen ich über meine Eltern habe und wie schwer es ist, einfach nur mit ihnen und mir selber präsent zu sein. Ich trage so viele Überzeugungen in mir, wie Eltern und Menschen im allgemeinen sein sollten oder wie sie nicht sein sollten. Das bringt natürlich Enttäuschungen und hindert mich, einfach nur mit meinen Eltern zu sein und zu erleben, was in mir und meinem Körper im jeweiligen Moment passiert.

So übe ich, meine Gedanken, Ideen, Geschichten und Überzeugungen  loszulassen und alles was passiert im aktuellen Moment zu erleben. Ich versuche, ohne Bewertung zuzuhören und mich für unterschiedliche Realitäten und Gesichtspunkte zu öffnen.

Das ist die einzige Möglichkeit wie ich mit meinen eigenen Bedürfnissen, meinem Fluß, meiner Führung, meiner Intuition und Verletzlichkeit in Berührung bleiben kann.

Wie würde dein Leben wohl anders sein, wenn du anstatt wegen unerfüllter Bedürfnisse mit der Welt frustriert zu sein,  deine Verletzlichkeit fühlen könntest und wirklich spüren könntest, was du brauchst? Wie wäre es, wenn du dir bewußt darüber wärest, was in dir passiert und dein Inneres liebevoll regulieren könntest? Würdest du anders reagieren als du es gewohnt bist?

Wie wäre es wohl, wenn du ganz mit dir bleiben könntest, besonders wenn etwas ungewünschtes im Außen passiert? Wie wäre es, wenn du dich, deinen jungen Anteil und dein Inneres Kind halten könntest, so daß es sich sicher und geborgen fühlt?

Bist du gerade in Berührung mit deiner Verletzlichkeit? Wie fühlst du dich gerade in deinem Körper? Wenn du ganz präsent mit dir bist, dann kannst du den Fluß des Lebens spüren und leicht das Licht, das dich lebt fühlen. Dann bist du in der Lage, die intuitiven Informationen deines Lichtselbstes zu empfangen und intuitiv zu handeln.

Ich finde dies eine wunderbare tägliche Übung. Was meinst du?

Mit Licht und Segen,

Accessing Our Intuition

Accessing Our Intuition

Our intuition is only accessible for us if we are present with ourselves

Like every year I have just traveled to Germany, which for me is always a time for self exploration, contemplation and practice.I am spending time with my parents, which is a source of delight and struggle at the same time. As I am exploring the different emotions that are coming up I realize how many ideas I have about my parents and how challenging it is to be totally present with them and myself. I carry so many beliefs in general as to how parents/people should be and specifically as to how my parents should be and aren’t. This of course sets me up for disappointment and is in the way of just being with them and experience what happens for me and in my body from moment to moment.

So my practice is to let go of thoughts, ideas, the stories of my mind and stay in the moment and meet everyone as they are right now. To listen without judgement and be open to different viewpoints and realities.
This is also the only way how I can be in touch with my needs, my own flow, my guidance, my intuition.

How is that for you?

Maybe you want to take a moment and ask yourself if you can be in touch with yourself when you are around others, especially anyone challenging like possibly your parents, ex partners, children? Can you actually feel what is happening in yourself, rather than trying to change your outside world in order to feel better? If not, what would it take?

How would your life be different if you could feel your vulnerability, be in touch with what you need, rather than being frustrated that the outside world is not meeting your needs? How would it be if you could be aware of anything that causes activation inside of you and then check in how to regulate yourself again.

How would your life be different if you could be with yourself when you experience something undesired that appears to come from the outside? How would it be to hold yourself and your little one right now and make them feel safe and held? Are you in touch with your needs and your vulnerability in this moment? How do you feel in your body?When you are present with yourself you are able to feel the flow of life and can easily get in touch with the light that lives you. You are available for your way of receiving intuitive information and act from your guided self.

I think this makes a wonderful practice in every day life. What do you think?

Much love and many blessings,

Women Emerging in Hunter Valley

Women Emerging in Hunter Valley

A couple of weeks ago Shivani Gupta and I held our first retreat with women who wanted to start the year doing something different. We used our combined skills to help the women to purposefully set their intentions for the year, get into more of their intuition and learn to meditate and go inward.

Both Shivani and I love working with people and especially support women to become conscious about what they want to create and give them some tools to use in their lives. Here are some photos from our time together. It was such a blast!!

Because the event was so successful we decided to run it again on 21-23 September 2018. If you are interested contact me and watch out for more information on my homepage or the newsletter in the near future. 

Katie shares her experience…



The Value of Grounding Yourself

The Value of Grounding Yourself

I believe that it is necessary to ground ourselves in our physical existence in order to regulate, find balance and make changes.

I recently had an experience where some emotional challenge triggered me so much that I couldn’t sleep, couldn’t stop crying and never mind ground myself. The only thing I could reach out to was my practice. At some point I remembered my breath, felt my feet on the ground and I started finding some safe places in my body. Slowly I started to relax, regulate and was able to deal with the situation.

Grounding is not only helpful to connect to self-awareness, but also to experience self-acceptance and self-love. Grounding helps us to learn, to integrate and to enjoy life.

Maybe you want to take a moment now to feel your feet, then feel your whole body and slowly become aware how you are experiencing yourself right now from the inside. Start being curious about your way of grounding, how you experience your roots growing into the earth and being here in your unique body in this particular stream of life.

I am celebrating my own uniqueness and I am celebrating you in your unique life stream. And maybe when the going gets tough next time you can remember this moment, this curiosity, this appreciation of yourself.

Much love and many blessings,

Ritual for the dead and celebration of life

Each year we have a wonderful community day in Mullumbimby, dedicated to the people that we have lost over the years. It is a deep and truly touching event and I always try to be part of it when I am around.  Luckily the weather was good enough for the event to be held outside, under the old fig trees.

Everyone can offer prayers, light a candle, put photos of loved ones on the tree and just be in the space of love, compassion, grief and celebration.

It is a gift to participate!

I love sharing this space with my beloved and friends. There is always so much that can be felt and offered.

How lucky we are to have such a community!

I pray for all the people we have lost and all those who are fighting for their life right now. I pray for love and life and celebrate and enjoy every moment that I am here on this beautiful planet.Thanks to all my friends and the people that I have met and will meet and that make my life such a wonderful, rich and delightful experience.

Ghata’s Birthday Video

My husband Kamal put together a birthday video for my 47th birthday in January. It was one of the most beautiful surprises I have ever gotten and I would like to share it with everyone who might be interested. I watch it from time to time and it always makes me laugh and cry and I feel so loved and cherished. Thanks to everyone who participated and to all my friends and mostly to my beloved Kamal! Here is the link if you are interested: