I started my journey in the health care industry 30 years ago very scientifically by studying pharmacy. I later studied naturopathy and homeopathy where I realised how powerful the link is between the mind and the body. It was during this time that I also found myself quite physically unwell and started to explore many more avenues of alternative healing to try and gain back my sense of well being. Years went by and although I gained some relief at times, nothing seemed to be able to fix my ailment or the lack of energy that accompanied it.Thankfully, my path led me to Ghata and it felt like my life opened exponentially from that moment. Not only have I been pain free for 5 years now, but my energy soared and a feeling of well being returned.The “Spirit of Light” training was the most transformative work I have ever done, yet at all times I felt safe and guided to find my own truth.The training allowed me to push through barriers I didn’t know I had, and in doing so accelerated my path towards my personal goals and fulfilment.By experiencing the beliefs that I have held in my body and then learning how to release them is a very simple yet profoundly liberating experience and makes the mind-body-spirit connection now seems a reality rather than a slogan.In my 30 years of searching and studying for truth and meaning, Ghata has helped me more than any other teacher find an inner peace that I have been longing to find. I find it difficult to put into words how highly I recommend Ghata for her love, guidance and selfless healing service.

Geoff, Pharmacist, Naturopath, Astrologer, Sydney

As much as I love the realm of energy and spirituality, coming from a corporate background, I sometimes found courses in this realm to be too esoteric i.e. a lot of concepts and philosophical thoughts which were nice to contemplate and discuss but not much one can do with them.  Somehow Ghata finds a way to allow my mind to absorb the esoteric information in a way where form and inspiration are merged. We constantly had practical exercises which assisted in integrating those new thought patterns into our body and mind. At the end of spirit of light it was very tangible the changes I felt in myself; where once were just philosophical thoughts, I had broken through some cellular patterns and able to live those thoughts.

Kuin, treasurer of major bank, Sydney

This training has been such an important part of my journey. Where do I begin with words to describe my gratitude? Ghata, I love you, my guide, my teacher, and my friend! I have so enjoyed your company. Your friendship has brought a richness into my life that ripples through me to my family and to all I encounter. I have discovered more about myself during these four, four day workshops than I had ever thought possible. The processes that we experienced together as a group were confronting, scary and utterly delicious! Re-establishing my connectedness with life and spirit, I have, during the training, found a group of the most beautiful friends with whom to share my journey. The most important relationships in my life definately have more love following the training, and they continue to grow better every day! Realising the capacity I have to help and heal others, just by living with love and light is amazing. Just a smile can make spirits soar!

Debbie L., Sydney

The SOL training could be spelt SOUL training.  I found myself at this training.  Already I have been able to help my clients and my family and friends. The Spirit of Light training has a thousand applications. It’s the best 16 days of personal development and training.

Shivani, author, public speaker, coach, Newcastle

If you’re looking for that one course which penetrates through esoteric discussions, has structure and integrity, change your cell patterns for the better, live your life path, look at all life challenges with strength, courage, ease and grace, you will find found it in Ghata’s course.

Kuin, treasurer of major bank, Sydney

Woven into my destiny is to play my part in dissolving old structures and to usher in a new consciousness.I have carried many old structures in my person – deeply, profoundly, often painfully. And I have spent many years freeing myself from their bonds while consciously retaining the essence of their beauty and wisdom.Engaging in the SOL training with Ghata was powerful, challenging and ultimately uplifting for me. It has accelerated my evolutionary process; in particular the process of leaving old knowings to step into the cloud of unknowing. of moving from the head to my heart.. of opening up to my vulnerability. of moving into the fullness of my creative Sacred Feminine Core.I am closer to my heart, soul and purpose for having done this unique training with its delightful mixture of very human and inspiringly channeled teachings.

Noelene Kelly. MA Dip.Ed, Sydney

Ghata through her love, the spirit of her light and her own, unique special way has given me life changing tools and a wisdom that will illuminate my path for the finding of my own way to a state of complete awareness and into a space of absolute love and trust when connecting with those that may pass my path. Experience the “mystery”: Where tears fall and turn into laughter; where your own life is rewired; where playing creates wisdom; where you learn to let go of your ego and to “Surrender and Trust”; where tearing open your heart hurts but culminates in a state of total awareness, a state where you are the most powerfull, a state of intuition, where a new self is created from a higher consciousness; where tools are learnt and kept to teach and guide others that enter your path to a new and better enlightenment; where you are surrounded by Light, by Angels, Guides, Ghata and total LOVE. Ghata, I trust, honour and surrender to you, Thank you.

Gavin, Tennis Trainer, Sydney

The day after the first training weekend I went to see my mum who I have had years of hardship with and I felt myself standing in front of her and all had dissolved. I feel that this feeling I will have for the rest o my life. My heart finally feels open to her. Thank you Ghata!

Miriam, Yoga Teacher and Massage Therapist, Sydney

Dearest Ghata, my smile is now a light on my face that lets the world know that I AM TRULY AT HOME, shining all the way in and out. Thank your and bless you.

Estelle, Counselor Sydney

Dear Ghata, thank you so much for everything you are teaching me and all the generous gifts that I have now and will keep forever. Thank you for all the experiences and journeys so far. I feel so safe to go whereever you guide me.

Debbie, Manager, Sydney

Thank you for the “touching” seminar. It brought so many deep experiences and enriched my life. I can’t put it into words. I feel so much love and gratitude for all. I am feeling so connected with everyone in the seminar. You made it so clear how to give space to things that I don’t like in my self. Thank you! I feel self confident. It is amazing. Thank you also for sharing your deep love and insights. I have felt so safe and everyone is so dear to me that saying good bye was really hard. From my heart,

Anette, Germany

Words can not adequately describe my thanks and appreciation to you and the most amazing work you have introduced me to. The training is a journey of self-discovery with tools to master life’s great mysteries. It was delving into and dealing with all aspects of my life. Ghata is a spiritual guide, energy master, wise woman, understanding therapist, protector, earth angel, living with an open, loving heart, amazing group facilitator and a true friend. Learning how to do past life integration and personally experiencing past life healing has transformed my life and I know I will be able to transform the lives of others with this most amazing therapy. I have found what I have been looking for and will use it for myself and my clients. I am enternally grateful! Ghata has tought me to be true to myself and everyone I am with and has given me clarity in my life that I have never truly experienced.

Robyn, Therapist, Sydney

MMMM my heart is singing with Love. Thanks so much for a beautiful journey, I healed, learnt and let go, had heaps of fun and lots of laughs, loved and enjoyed the people, what a great group. YES and felt blessed by your humour, humility and guidance. What a special gracious time! I feel inspired, energised and dancing hope with fire and freedom. Much Much Love to You, I love You Deeply. So greatful that your here, doing this work and I feel totally supported by your presence and field of love. Thank You Ghata and Yes may it be of benefit to all beings.

Dev Das, Mullumbimby

I am practicing loving-kindness and cultivating gentleness. I can sit with pain now because you helped me. I have developed an aware ego and am learning to accept my “flaws” and love them into treasures. There is healing left to do, but I trust in the dance of live. I love more because you helped me love me.

Shanelle, Accupuncutrist, Brisbane

If you’re reading this and procrastinating on whether this is the course for you, STOP questioning! You’re on this page because your spirit and soul is crying out for this course, so it can be nourished, rebirthed, rejuvenated, relighted so you can lead your life with grace. If you thought you’ll be surrounded by incense, kaftans and mind altering substances in this course, you’ll be severely disappointed. If you are looking for a practical way to access your intuition, grow, expand, change life patterns and habits for the better,  you’ve stumbled on one of the most undervalued courses in the world

Kuin, treasurer of major bank, Sydney