Shape Your Own Destiny

A Workshop for Men and Women

“Shape Your Destiny brought so many deep experiences and enriched my life. I am feeling so connected with everyone in the workshop. You made it so clear how to give space to things that I don’t like in my self. Thank you! I feel self confident. It is amazing. Thank you also for sharing your deep love and insights. I have felt so safe and everyone is so dear to me that saying good bye was really hard.”

A N E T T E | Germany

In the workshop Shape your own Destiny we get clear about our present values and the conscious or unconscious rules we might hold around them.

We discover if these values are still supporting the direction that we would like to take in life. Most likely we find the true source of some of our challenges and even more importantly we understand how unconscious values keep us limited!

As we become aware of hidden priorities and inner rules we are able to change our values in a way that helps us to direct our destiny consciously.

This workshop is inspired by my work with Toni Robbins.

Ghata Engel at Training

— Testimonial —

“I am still dizzy from all the impressions and experiences. One sequence was especially touching, because I became aware once more how much I live “next to myself” and how much potential there is, how much I already achieved and how strong my trust in my life path and my higher self is. Ok, off to new beginnings. Thank you so much.”

M A R I K K A | Ayurvedic Doctor, Darmstadt


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