Language of Light

is a one or two day workshop that invites the participants to  to dive into the realms of energy and light. It is an opportunity to connect to the light within, as well as the higher energetic realms.

Discover and remove blockages

We discover blockages which may be keeping us from connecting to the highest light realms, and work with them.This workshop allows everyone to bathe in love and light and open to their own potential.Through energy work and her psychic abilities, Ghata supports the participants in opening up further.

You also get tools for your daily life to meet challenges, be protected and live life from a more expanded viewpoint.

Meditation and personal questions

There is always space for meditation and personal questions.Ghata tunes into everyone individually and with the help of her guidance, she answers questions and helps remove obstacles which arise in the moment

Language of Light is a brilliant entrée into the Spirit of Light work and the training.  Confirming that you have intuitive powers and learning how to tap into it.  A great taster for any body who is not sure about the commitment to the SOL Spirit of Light Training.

Shivani, Author, public speaker, coach, Newcastle

I’ve always tried to follow my gut instinct and sometimes having to go against “sound advice”. Each time I did so, I found I was always at peace and there would be a fuel which burns me because I felt I was on the right track. But how do I access this “gut instinct” ALL the time so I could make the right decisions for MY life? I attended the one day Language of Light course with Ghata which opened me up to working with light energy and subsequently led me to her extended  Spirit of Light course. The bumps in life do not go away. Instead now those bumps are faced with instinctual courage and strength to do what feels right for me. There is also lot more grace and ease in my life decisions. It is an absolute comfort to be able to access this energy space in my personal and corporate life.

Kuin, Treasurer of major bank, Sydney