Moonphases – A workshop for women

Celebrate being a Woman

This is a weekend where we explore and celebrate “being a woman”. It is a weekend where we explore the different phases in a woman’s life. Through ritual, energy work, movement and deep exploration we allow healing for the different aspects in ourselves. When women come together and dive into their depth miracles can happen. Together we will create a spiritual space of openness, love and compassion in which healing and understand happen naturally.

A gentle space for a gentle healing of old wounds

“My longing is to give women the space to gently and lovingly heal old wounding and celebrate the miracle of being a woman.”


For the first time Ghata created a workshop only for women. What could you explore and celebrate here? Well, everything that has to do with femininity! So many things are misunderstood or denied. The first time for that I could find so many similarities in a group of such different women. I was surprised how we were able to openly share about difficult issues. Yes, the group energy is very different than in mixed groups and so many different things came up. It was healing and opening for me.
To explore and notice the different cycles in a woman’s life was very special for me. It was such a safe space that I was able to allow old wounds to surface in order to allow healing. I am so grateful and only now do I understand what was happening in my life on an unconscious level. Many things I can’t understand with my mind, but heal through the emotional system.
Thank you Ghata for creating a space that allowed such deep connection and respect in our uniqueness.

Sandra, Germany

It was so beautiful and fulfilling!

Nicole, Germany