Energy Healing Sessions

SOL Spirit of Light sessions allow you to go to a deeper level of healing and clarity that you are unable to do on your own or in a workshop. These one-on-one sessions explore what is happening on the surface, in your daily life and goes beyond this lifetime to help you gain insights on old inherited patterns, beliefs and creations from past lives. Each session has the capacity to free you from what is holding you back. Healing the whole self – body, mind, emotions and soul. Clearing up your past, your present and making a clearer path for your future.

These sessions facilitate the connection with your Higher Self through supportive energies and power sources. The channels to your essence and truth are cleared, which support the fulfillment of your creative capacity and allow you to access unlimited life force.

Clients who have session work come from all walks of life and all corners of this planet. While you may only require a one-off session, many clients book into a session whenever they feel they need support navigating the complexities that occur during the course of their life.

During the SOL Sessions

Ghata tunes into your body and energy system to receive information as to what needs to happen in order to support you in this process. For you to recognize your unique qualities and experience health, happiness, clarity and your potential to create what you really want. She uses her psychic abilities in combination with different tools to help the clearing of many issues.

Her session helps you gain insights into limiting beliefs and patterns, which are unconsciously determining your life. She helps you to let go of these patterns so you can return to your original vitality and re-connect with your true essence.

Ghata creates a very safe, supportive and confidential environment in all her sessions and this enables her to work with children as well as men and women of all ages.


Benefits of SOL Sessions

  • Alleviating health problems
  • Overcoming addictions
  • Addressing money issues
  • Clearing obstacles
  • Overcoming fears
  • Let go of limiting beliefs
  • Healing traumas
  • Improving relationships
  • Support through transitions
  • Shifting blockages

and so much more

Long Distance Sessions

Due to the special nature of this work, long distance sessions are available and have proved extremely effective. There are many advantages to long distance sessions: they save time, allow clients to receive healing no matter where they live and able to listen to the session in their own home. They allow people who are unwell or in hospital to gain access to these sessions.

Ghata is a highly skilled healer and psychic who can sense the energy field and the whole system of the person receiving the session as if the person is in the same room.

Before the session, you need to provide your name, age and a description of the issues you want to work on. If Ghata requires any further information, she will contact via email or talk with you over the phone. Sessions are recorded and sent to you via email as an mp3 file or a CD is mailed to your postal address. To book a session contact Ghata via

Face to Face sessions in person or on skype

Ghata also offers face to face sessions in person or on skype, especially for people she has already worked with before. Those sessions are more trauma oriented and combine Somatic Experiencing with psychic work.