Energy Work & Channelling


The Spirit of Light Training is designed to help students grow in consciousness and free their own potential for healing and love. You will learn different techniques to help become an open channel for energy-healing and psychic work. In this module we touch on the basics of nervous system regulation to build capacity and create coherence. We also touch on the general way of using light to support healing.

You can participate in all 6 modules or choose to only enrol in the module(s) you are interested in. If you are new to this work we recommend you start with Module 1: Intuitive Energy Healing/ Self Protection/ Clearing of Energy Ties or Module 2: Clearing, Space Clearing, Entity Work. There are also discounts if you enrol in more than one module. We encourage students to complete all 6 modules if they are interested in working in this area.

Join us for these 4 days as Ghata expands the teaching of healing with
light to the realms of Angels/Ascended Masters and other guiding forces.

You will learn in a safe, loving and gentle environment to:

  • Learn to trust your channel to the divine light to support healing yourself and others
  • Explore different aspects of light and light realms
  • Play with the realms of Angels/ ascended Masters and other guiding forces

During this module you will be learning different tools and have plenty of
time to practice this energy work hands-on with guidance from Ghata.

This module is delivered face-to-face.

Please note: To attend this module you need to complete either Module 1: Intuitive Energy Healing/ Self Protection/ Clearing of Energy Ties or Module 2: Clearing, Space Clearing, Entity Work Module

Ghata Engel at Training

— Testimonial —

“Woven into my destiny is to play my part in dissolving old structures and to usher in a new consciousness. I have carried many old structures in my person – deeply, profoundly, often painfully. And I have spent many years freeing myself from their bonds while consciously retaining the essence of their beauty and wisdom. Engaging in the SOL training with Ghata was powerful, challenging and ultimately uplifting for me. It has accelerated my evolutionary process; in particular the process of leaving old knowing to step into the cloud of unknowing. of moving from the head to my heart.. of opening up to my vulnerability. of moving into the fullness of my creative Sacred Feminine Core, I am closer to my heart, soul and purpose for having done this unique training with its delightful mixture of very human and inspiringly channelled teachings.”

N O E L E N E | Sydney


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