SOL Spirit of Light Training

Professional and Personal Practice

“The Spirit of Light Training was the most transformative work I have ever done, yet at all times I felt safe and guided to find my own truth. The training allowed me to push through barriers I didn’t know I had, and in doing so accelerated my path towards my personal goals and fulfilment. By experiencing the beliefs that I have held in my body and then learning how to release them is a very simple yet profoundly liberating experience makes the mind-body-spirit connection now seems a reality rather than a slogan.”

G E O F F | Pharmacist & Naturopath, Sydney

The SOL Spirit of Light Training offers students both a profound personal development experience and/or preparation for professional practice in Energy Healing, Clearing, Pastlife Integration. It is designed to offer exploration of different techniques for clearing of self to become an open channel for energy-healing and psychic work.

The different modules of the SOL Spirit of Light Training are designed to help students grow in consciousness and free their own potential for healing and love.

In a powerful group space of energy, integrity, trust and respect, students learn how to free themselves from limiting beliefs, patterns, fears and restrictions in all areas of their life. The intention in deeply investigating their current paradigm is to enable them to feel beyond their personal ’story’ and to trust in their own innate wisdom and intuition. Students are encouraged to find their own unique way of helping themselves and others. The SOL Spirit of Light Training enables profound inquiry, clarity, revelation and resolution. Ghata creates a space in which it is possible for students to work with and join up their hearts, minds and feelings. 

Ghata Engel at Training

Benefits of SOL Training

 Confidence in your intuition An ability to work with people in a variety of energetic approaches

A deeper understanding of yourself and others Personal healing and a greater sense of self

Insights in your limitations and how to change them Greater clarity and trust in yourself and the energies around you

The direct experience of being a channel for light and healing and how to use it

The tools and techniques to become an energy worker/healer Limited class size guarantees individual attention for each student

Two to four accredited SOL Spirit of Light assistants present in each class to support students

Hands on practice during and between modules All necessary course materials, worksheets and CD’s are provided

— SOL Spirit of Light Training Modules —

The Spirit of Light Training is designed to help students grow in consciousness and free their own potential for healing and love. You will learn different techniques to help become an open channel for energy-healing and psychic work. At this point the training consists of 6 modules, each focusing on a different area of energy work. In each of the modules we touch on the basics of nervous system regulation to build capacity and create coherence. We also touch on the general way of using light to support healing.
In each module you will learn different tools and have plenty of time to practice this energy work hands-on with guidance from Ghata. All modules are delivered face-to-face. Although Ghata’s approach is gentle and subtle, it also encourages students to be courageous, honest and committed to face their own shadows as they reach towards their light. 
You can participate in all 6 modules or choose to only enrol in the module(s) you are interested in. If you are new to this work we recommend you start with the Intuitive Energy Healing/ Self Protection/ Clearing of Energy Ties Module or the Clearing, Space Clearing, Entity Work Module. There are also discounts if you enrol in more than one module. We encourage students to complete all 6 modules if they are interested in working in this area. There is also the option of becoming a Certified SOL Spirit of Light Practitioner. 

Module 1

Intuitive Energy Healing,
Clearing of Energy Ties & Self Protection

Module 4

Reclaiming Power, Past Life and Childhood & Belief Integration

Shape Your Destiny

Module 2

Clearing, Space Clearing
& Entity Work

Man empowered

Module 5

Energy Work &

Building Bridges

Module 3

Trauma Related Somatic
Energy Work

Woman and Man Empowered

Module 6

Shadow Work, Befriending Your Shadow & Energy Work

— Testimonial —

“The SOL Spirit of Light Training has given me more than words can express. I received amazing tools and techniques to work with releasing these life long patterns and behaviours in a very gentle loving way. The training gave plenty of opportunity to give and receive and this helped develop confidence in myself in holding others and taking others through the process. For me, the training was very transformational and my connection to myself and others is stronger and more loving. I have more passion and direction in life and feel closer to my heart. To all those on a journey to activate your own unique healing qualities, I highly recommend this training.”

C A T H | Nurse



SOL- Spirit of Light is an approved Training provider with the International Institute for Complementary Therapists. Every student receives certification of completion and students to have the option to receive accreditation to have access to insurance for your practice through IICT. Please contact Ghata about the requirements.


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