Building Bridges

A Workshop for Men and Women

“We were so looking forward to a workshop for men and women and it has excelled our expectations on many levels. Our relationship and connection has deepend and intesified. It is as though our 2 hearts are now connected to each other. We really appreciated the openness and trust in the group. We can only recommend this workshop to everyone who is looking for a way to support their relationship or to deepen it. Thank you from two very fulfilled hearts for your fabulous work.”

S U S A N N E | Therapist, Germany

Celebrating Men and Finding a better Understanding of Women – the exciting Dynamic between Men and Women

During this weekend we explore the differences between men and women. We find out how we can create a better relationship with the men and women around us. It doesn’t matter if you work or live with men/women, if you are in a relationship or would love to be in one, this weekend is designed to help you bring more joy, understanding and fulfilment into your life. Maybe you even learn to better understand yourself.

I study the relationship between men and women for many years. After a few failed relationships I am now in my second marriage and after 9 challenging years with my husband and many misunderstandings we are now living a happy and fulfilled relationship. I want to help people to understand “the other gender” better in order to end the war between men and women and live a happier life.

Ghata Engel at Training

— Testimonial —

“Thank you so much for the wonderful seminar “Building Bridges”. I can report the first successes……and I will definitely repeat next year.”

M I R I A M | Germany


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