Female Creativity

Workshop for Women

“What an amazing weekend. I feel so nourished and fulfilled. You know I love working with you and I particularly love the women’s weekends you offer. The initiation we did on this weekend healed a part of my womb and made me whole again. Thank you so much. ”

K A T H R I N | Lawyer, Frankfurt

This weekend is about clearing our systems from old entanglements in our family, specifically our female lineage, family expectations, rejection, conditioning, abuse and loss. These situations can create reactions and blockages that distract us from our true selves and our ability to feel and connect to our power.

During the weekend, we will work to resolve old energetic ties with the family that no longer serve us in our life’s journey. We will explore where you have taken on old beliefs, habits and limitations and where you might have given parts of your power and essence away.

In a safe place, we will discover our inner essence and work with specific energies to free our female creativity and support the creative force in our bodies. Through discovering our inner essence, we begin to connect with our female power and allow it to emerge so that we experience our true selves as open and powerful women.

In a circle of women, we will explore intuition and use community, movement, ceremony, and energy work to open our hearts and anchor our female wisdom in our bodies. In doing so, we create a space for openness, love and compassion that allows healing to happen.

Please join us for an inspiring workshop that will open your hearts and help you embrace your female power and wisdom.

Ghata Engel at Training

— Testimonial —

“Thank you so much for the wonderful Weekend Seminar.
I feel so much more grounded and in my body. And a very big issue has shifted! “

A L E X A N D R A | Pediatrician, Frankfurt


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