I am a bit sad that this training has come to an end, but our final days in part 4 of the Spirit of Light training were something I will always remember as a highlight. I was so happy all weekend I could hardly contain myself.

All the participants embraced the channeling exercices with all their heart.

We connected to many realms of light,

ascendet Masters,

and different Angels.

The room was always beaming with light,


and blissful energies.

These energy had to be released with wild dancing

and could not always be contained.

Love was always tangible

and expressed in such sweet ways.

Arms were always wide open

and love was in the air.

We manifested our vision for ourselves and our lifes on paper

and shared our hearts.

what a beautiful group of light workers!

Gifts were given

and our final ritual was a letting go and a reminder that our hearts are always connected.

And we hope to see all of you again next year if not earlier!

Maybe you also want to come, have fun with us and play in the realms of energy!