The new Spirit of Light card deck available in June 2014!

Created in collaboration between contemporary artist Anna Foley and Ghata

Enjoy the healing light and creative inspiration as you work and play with the cards.

You can use the cards not only for readings but each card contains healing and transforming energies, that can be used as healing tools on your body, to empower your water or in any other way you can imagine.

The names of the cards are in English and German and the deck comes with an English and a German booklet.

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The Spirit of Light cards were created in collaboration between Ghata and Australian contemporary artist Anna Foley, renowned for her dynamic and colourful works on large canvases. Both artwork/ cards and the text written by Ghata offer an opportunity to be used as healing and inspiring gateways of creativity. The healing light and vibrations of the paintings in combination with the channelled messages help embrace and integrate light and shadow of different qualities.

There are 62 paintings to inspire creativity with different qualities of light that carry healing capacity

62 channelled inspirational messages to help embrace our own light and work with the shadow

62 inspirational writings to motivate consideration and meditation on different qualities

Below are some examples of cards with the text from the booklet:

5 Guidance:There are so many supportive forces available to us if we open up and allow guidance. Guidance can come in many ways. It can come through a wise person in your life or an unexpected comment from someone you might or might not know. It can come through nature or your dreams. Guidance can come from the realms of light in form of Angels or other light beings, from your higher Self or your intuition. But often we don’t listen to our guidance and instead choose to listen to our mind. We might not even be able to distinguish the voice of our mind and the voices or signs from guiding forces. Consideration: Are you open to guidance? Are you listening when you receive a message? Are you taking in all the different messages that are coming your way in all different forms or are you dismissing guidance in your life because you are too busy or don’t trust it? Let yourself be touched by the light that comes through this picture. Feel it penetrating your intuitive self and opening you to your guidance in whatever way it wants to appear. Be mindful over the next 24 hours of what messages might come to you.
41 Uniqueness: Our culture teaches us to constantly compare rather than celebrate our own uniqueness and the uniqueness of others. We learn to measure our own worth on a scale of perfection that is a setup for failure and doesn’t leave room for compassion.  In comparing or judging ourselves or others for our/ their differences we fail to honour the beauty that lies in the uniqueness of every living thing. If we accept and honour the different looks, ways of being, preferences and dislikes we are able to expand our viewpoints and learn from each other. Consideration: Where do you compare yourself to others and come up short or better? Would it serve you more to see yourself and others just as they are and suspend all judgment?  How would it feel to celebrate the uniqueness of both you and others? Can you remember to see yourself and every other living being as a unique expression of the Divine? As you breathe into this card feel your individual qualities, your light and your shadows without any comparison. Honour yourself for being the unique expression of Divine light in your particular body, mind and soul. Let go of any judgement and celebrate your being human and your absolute perfection, just as you are.