Spirit of Light Card Deck


The Spirit of Light card deck offers 62 cards with titles in English and German as well as a booklet with channeled messages for each card in German and English. You can use the cards not only for readings but each card contains healing and transforming energies, that can be used as healing tools on your body, to empower your water or in any other way you can imagine.



The Spirit of Light Cards

and the written materials are inspiring gateways of creativity. The healing light and vibrations of the paintings in combination with the channelled messages help embrace and integrate light and shadow of different qualities. The Spirit of Light cards are created in cooperation of contemporary artist Anna Foley and light and energy worker Ghata I. Engels.

62 paintings to inspire creativity with different qualities of light that carry healing capacity

62 channelled inspirational messages to help embrace our own light and work with the shadow

62 inspirational writings to motivate consideration and meditation on different qualities.

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Weight 600 g