Frei Sein – Being Free Workshop Stuttgart June 2018

Frei Sein – Being Free Workshop Stuttgart June 2018

Frei Sein – Der Workshop für Männer und Frauen brachte uns allen so viel Tiefe, die Möglichkeit die Geschenk unserer Ahnen anzunehmen und die Bürden loszulassen, Spaß und wunderbare Begegnungen.

Being Free – This workshop for men and women brought us all depth, the opportunity to connect with the gifts of our ancestors and the letting go of the burdens we had taken on, as well as fun and wonderful connections.

Frauenworkshop in Büdingen, Mai, 2018

Frauenworkshop in Büdingen, Mai, 2018

Wie schön, letztes Wochenende mit 20 Frauen in die Reiche der Energie einzutauchen. Wir hatten eine tolle Zeit mit Heilung für alle Frauen die dabei waren, deren weibliche Linie und alle Frauen dieser Welt.

Heute nur einige Bilder, da ich wegen der neuen Datenschutz Grundverordnung vorsichtig sein möchte und erst noch lernen muß, Gesichter der Teilnehmer unkenntlich zu machen, die nicht abgelichtet werden wollen.

Wonderful to dive into the realms of energy last weekend with 20 women. We had a gorgeous time and the healing and shift for the women in the space, their female lineage and all women was tangible.

Today only a few pictures. There is a new general data protection law in place here in Europe and I first need to learn how to blur pictures of the participants that don’t want their faces recognizable.


The Power of Light – Workshop, May 2015, Germany

The Power of Light – Workshop, May 2015, Germany

What a powerful weekend! I am still so open and feel so fulfilled from the time with this amazing group of people.

IMG_3283 (Small)IMG_3230 (Small)IMG_3295 (Small)

Deep inquiry and sharing

IMG_3232 (Small)IMG_3239 (Small)IMG_3264 (Small)

compassion and care

IMG_3305 (Small)IMG_3307 (Small)IMG_3310 (Small)

healing and holding

IMG_3312 (Small)IMG_3279 (Small)IMG_3272 (Small)

and unconditional love.

IMG_3222 (Small)IMG_3223 (Small) IMG_3269 (Small)

Everyone enjoyed working together

IMG_3210 (Small)IMG_3211 (Small)

IMG_3245 (Small)IMG_3213 (Small)

and spending time with each other outside of the space.

IMG_3265 (Small)IMG_3215 (Small)

And there were of course also quite moments.


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I had such a wonderful time laughing with friends

IMG_3291 (Small)IMG_3284 (Small)IMG_3288 (Small)

as well as listening, explaining, holding and  supporting everyone through their processes.

I am looking forward to the next weekend with my SOL graduates for a Spirit of Light Deepening! Thank you everyone for coming and allowing so much depth.


The 4 chambers of the Heart Women’s workshop Stuttgart, Germany, May 2015

The 4 chambers of the Heart Women’s workshop Stuttgart, Germany, May 2015

I love working with women and enjoyed spending time with many old and new women friends to explore the 4 chambers of the spiritual heart this last weekend.

IMG_3103 (Small)IMG_3106 (Small)IMG_3117 (Small)IMG_3102 (Small)

We all had a lot of fun during our time together.

IMG_3136 (Small)IMG_3135 (Small)

Meditation and ceremony,

IMG_3138 (Small)IMG_3167 (Small)IMG_3169 (Small)

nourishment, healing and holding

IMG_3173 (Small)IMG_3164 (Small)IMG_3189 (Small)

intimacy, gratitude and support

IMG_3187 (Small)

as well as creative expression from the heart… was an extraordinary weekend.

IMG_3194 (Small)

….there is one more weekend to come this year. Maybe you want to join us?!

Love and many blessings from here to where ever you may be right now.