What a powerful weekend! I am still so open and feel so fulfilled from the time with this amazing group of people.

IMG_3283 (Small)IMG_3230 (Small)IMG_3295 (Small)

Deep inquiry and sharing

IMG_3232 (Small)IMG_3239 (Small)IMG_3264 (Small)

compassion and care

IMG_3305 (Small)IMG_3307 (Small)IMG_3310 (Small)

healing and holding

IMG_3312 (Small)IMG_3279 (Small)IMG_3272 (Small)

and unconditional love.

IMG_3222 (Small)IMG_3223 (Small) IMG_3269 (Small)

Everyone enjoyed working together

IMG_3210 (Small)IMG_3211 (Small)

IMG_3245 (Small)IMG_3213 (Small)

and spending time with each other outside of the space.

IMG_3265 (Small)IMG_3215 (Small)

And there were of course also quite moments.


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I had such a wonderful time laughing with friends

IMG_3291 (Small)IMG_3284 (Small)IMG_3288 (Small)

as well as listening, explaining, holding and  supporting everyone through their processes.

I am looking forward to the next weekend with my SOL graduates for a Spirit of Light Deepening! Thank you everyone for coming and allowing so much depth.