SOL Vertiefung/ Deepening Deutschland, Stuttgart 2018

SOL Vertiefung/ Deepening Deutschland, Stuttgart 2018

Unsere jährliche SOL Vertiefung war wieder einmal super. Spaß, Tiefe, neue Erkenntnisse und neues Wissen und vor allem Herzensverbindungen. / Our yearly SOL Deepening was once again amazing. Fun, depth, new realizations, new knowledge and most of all heart connections.

Ich freue mich schon auf euch alle bei der Vertiefung im nächsten Jahr und hoffentlich können dann einige kommen, die in diesem Jahr keine Zeit hatten. /  I am already looking forward to the Deepening next year. And maybe some of the people who couldn’t come this year will be able to join us. 

SOL Spirit of Light Deepening / Relating Intimately, Mullum February 2018

SOL Spirit of Light Deepening / Relating Intimately, Mullum February 2018

Can it get any better? A fabulous group of SOL Spirit of Light trainees and graduates, the theme “relating intimately, depth, fun, learning, insights, using life’s challenges for more learning….there is nothing I would have rather done. An amazing and fabulous 4 days. Thanks to everyone who came, trusted, played and made these 4 days remarkable.

No rain nor getting flooded in and out stopped us from exploring and learning.


We even had to spend half a day at my place….and it worked so well too.

And then back at the venue for our last day and completion.

I am grateful and feel so blessed! And I am already plotting the SOL Deepening for next year.

Spirit of Light Deepening May 2015 Stuttgart, Germany

Spirit of Light Deepening May 2015 Stuttgart, Germany

My wonderful German Spirit of Light Family was in full action this last weekend, when we met for the SOL Deepening this year.

IMG_3488 (Small)IMG_3480 (Small)

It is always such a delight to come together, play and work with like minded people.

IMG_3343 (Small)IMG_3335 (Small)IMG_3347 (Small)IMG_3377 (Small)

Working and learning with each other is always fun

IMG_3408 (Small)IMG_3461 (Small)IMG_3396 (Small)IMG_3385 (Small)

for everyone.

IMG_3328 (Small)IMG_3452 (Small)

Learning and healing

IMG_3441 (Small)IMG_3453 (Small)

sharing and energy work

IMG_3323 (Small)IMG_3389 (Small)IMG_3399 (Small)IMG_3470 (Small)

meditation, gratitude, beauty and giggles

IMG_3439 (Small)

we all had a fabulous time together.

IMG_3314 (Small)IMG_3317 (Small)IMG_3319 (Small)IMG_3416 (Small)

And this weekend for the first time since I am in Germany, we were able to enjoy the sun during our breaks

IMG_3430 (Small)IMG_3429 (Small)

and the company of old and new friends.

IMG_3423 (Small)

After such a great weekend I can’t help myself and am planning to come back next year for a Deepening, a workshop and YES, another Spirit of Light Training. Maybe you want to join the Spirit of Light family?!

SOL Spirit of Light Deepening, March 2015, Mullumbimby

IMG_2838 (Small)

The SOL Deepening Training this year was once again very exciting,

IMG_2817 (Small)IMG_2794 (Small)


IMG_2780 (Small)Healing hugafter a healing


sacred smudinghealing circle

and sacred.


transformation in circle

Our circles were deep

Healing circlesenergy healing in group

and the energy work profound.

Jo and princess the temple catMegangroup transformation

So many happy moments and some crazy ones as well!

handstandsIMG_2833 (Small)Ghata

Yes, it is always great to come together with some of the SOL family and dive deep, play and enjoy each others company. I hope to see many of you again in next years SOL Deepening.

IMG_2839 (Small)

Spirit of Light Deepening Stuttgart, Germany 2014

IMG_0257 (Custom)

The SOL Deepening is always one of my favorite parts of my time in Germany.

Foto 4f (Custom)Foto 1 (Custom)

Working with my girl friend and meeting so many old

IMG_0241 (Custom)

and new friends and energy workers is truly delightful.

IMG_0169 (Custom)IMG_0187 (Custom)

Together we experienced fun and depth,

IMG_0183 (Custom)IMG_0193 (Custom)

energy work and creativity,

IMG_0179 (Custom)IMG_0203 (Custom)

inner transformation,

IMG_0212 (Custom)IMG_0215 (Custom)


IMG_0280 (Custom)IMG_0270 (Custom)

and many healing moments.

IMG_0274 (Custom)IMG_0285 (Custom)

We were all so grateful for everything that was allowed to unfold.

Foto 4d (Custom)Foto 5 (Custom)

And as friends we enjoyed the breaks as much as working together.

IMG_0153 (Custom)

I hope to see you all again next year….and maybe some of you that couldn’t come this year will make it to our yearly gathering next year?! Lots of love and many blessings, Ghata


SOL Deepening, Mullumbimby March 2014

Some SOL Spirit of Light family members got together for a Deepening weekend and our time together was full of wonder and delight.

Although we lost one of our friends after day one because she had a family emergency, Bettina was with us in spirit and, represented by a goddess, received healing, fun and deep processing by osmosis.

Working with the elements gave us plenty of opportunities to be outside

and the weather goddess was kind and supported many moments of connection,



and bliss for us humans and our temple cat princess.

It helps of course to be working on one of the most amazing properties in Mullumbimby – thanks so my gorgeous friend Jo who got blessings send to her from her home whilst being with the animals in Africa.

The elements supported bonding and

deep intimacy as well as

deep relaxation after the exercises.

We had time in sacred space to create

elemental pieces

and every participant took their piece home, whilst Bettina’s is on its way to Perth right now.

Yes, it was a wonderful weekend with loads of fun, dance,

and enjoyment in the midst of depth and realizations.

Maybe you want to consider joining the SOL Spirit of Light family or if you already are part of it and missed out this time, come for the next Deepening! I am looking forward to seeing you and working/playing with you.