My wonderful German Spirit of Light Family was in full action this last weekend, when we met for the SOL Deepening this year.

IMG_3488 (Small)IMG_3480 (Small)

It is always such a delight to come together, play and work with like minded people.

IMG_3343 (Small)IMG_3335 (Small)IMG_3347 (Small)IMG_3377 (Small)

Working and learning with each other is always fun

IMG_3408 (Small)IMG_3461 (Small)IMG_3396 (Small)IMG_3385 (Small)

for everyone.

IMG_3328 (Small)IMG_3452 (Small)

Learning and healing

IMG_3441 (Small)IMG_3453 (Small)

sharing and energy work

IMG_3323 (Small)IMG_3389 (Small)IMG_3399 (Small)IMG_3470 (Small)

meditation, gratitude, beauty and giggles

IMG_3439 (Small)

we all had a fabulous time together.

IMG_3314 (Small)IMG_3317 (Small)IMG_3319 (Small)IMG_3416 (Small)

And this weekend for the first time since I am in Germany, we were able to enjoy the sun during our breaks

IMG_3430 (Small)IMG_3429 (Small)

and the company of old and new friends.

IMG_3423 (Small)

After such a great weekend I can’t help myself and am planning to come back next year for a Deepening, a workshop and YES, another Spirit of Light Training. Maybe you want to join the Spirit of Light family?!