What a delight to be back in the space with the SOL Spirit of Light Training participants!

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As always, I was touched by what unfolds in sacred space with a bunch of women, willing to dive deep into themselves and the tools offered.

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Our weekend consisted of meditation,

IMG_4014 (Small)IMG_4032 (Small)IMG_4008 (Small)IMG_4031 (Small)

different explorations,

IMG_4202 (Small)IMG_4197 (Small)IMG_4177 (Small)IMG_4084 (Small)

energy work,

IMG_4048 (Small)IMG_4219 (Small)IMG_4001 (Small)IMG_4194 (Small)

and in the midst of it all, loads of fun.

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The breaks were relaxing and joyful too.


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How lucky am I to have such a fabulous team?!

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Blessings to everyone who came to play with me and us this weekend. I am looking forward to our next meeting in February 2016!