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Part 3 of the Spirit of Light training – what an amazing  journey it was! As you can see, everyone is radiating light and love after 4 days of playing and working together.

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It was absolutely delightful to meet again in circle after about 4 months and everyone was happy that the whole family came back to step into the next part of the training.

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I love working with my two wonderful assistants Nikki and Marina as well as my life saving organizer and friend Suzie……and just like us,

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as always, everyone had so much fun.

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We enjoyed deep and intimate connections

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in many different forms.

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Maybe one day your path will also lead you to a Spirit of Light Training. (This is the beautiful view from the temple.)

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For now I thank everyone who came to explore the amazing possibilities for change and growth through the work in the realms of energy with me. I look forward to part 4 and all the other trainings, weekends and days that I have the privilege of offering this year. Blessings to you all!