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After a glorious 4-day SOL Training part 4,  I am saying good bye to my beautiful Spirit of Light group 2013/2014 in Germany. I am feeling lucky and so blessed to have spent 16 days over the last 14 months with these gorgeous group of people and a bit sad that we had to let go.

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We completed the training exploring the realms of Masters and Angels as we learned to channel energies of lightIMG_0489 (Custom)IMG_0485 (Custom)

and had so many moments of healing

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IMG_0597 (Custom)IMG_0582 (Custom)IMG_0487 (Custom)


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and deep nourishment.

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We laughed a lot

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and everyone was glowing from the inside out.

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Creative moments

IMG_0621 (Custom)IMG_0635 (Custom)IMG_0622 (Custom)

were fun

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and inspiring.

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My fabulous and gorgeous team

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the participants

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and myself had a wonderful time.

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And now we have completed the Spirit of Light training 2013/2014 here in Germany and I am positive that we will all see each other again next year. Either for the review of the training, for the deepening or possibly another workshop, depending on what will be on offer next year.

Blessings to all of you and if you weren’t part of the training this year, maybe you want to join us for the Spirit of Light Training 2015/2016, starting in May next year.