I believe that it is necessary to ground ourselves in our physical existence in order to regulate, find balance and make changes.

I recently had an experience where some emotional challenge triggered me so much that I couldn’t sleep, couldn’t stop crying and never mind ground myself. The only thing I could reach out to was my practice. At some point I remembered my breath, felt my feet on the ground and I started finding some safe places in my body. Slowly I started to relax, regulate and was able to deal with the situation.

Grounding is not only helpful to connect to self-awareness, but also to experience self-acceptance and self-love. Grounding helps us to learn, to integrate and to enjoy life.

Maybe you want to take a moment now to feel your feet, then feel your whole body and slowly become aware how you are experiencing yourself right now from the inside. Start being curious about your way of grounding, how you experience your roots growing into the earth and being here in your unique body in this particular stream of life.

I am celebrating my own uniqueness and I am celebrating you in your unique life stream. And maybe when the going gets tough next time you can remember this moment, this curiosity, this appreciation of yourself.

Much love and many blessings,