My time in Germany this year ends with the Spirit of Light Training Part 2 The new part of the Spirit of Light family is ready to bring the clearing work into the world. Everyone found their own way of doing clearings

and I am confident that they will do lots of good with it in the future.

Again our time together was very full.

As a group

or in pairs

we had very touching moments

and learned a lot.

We had fun

in circle

and in the breaks.

Participants from different age groups

and from everywhere


each other.

I was often deeply moved

and I had so much fun

during the amazing work I am allowed to offer.

No matter if with the work of Byron Katie

or in extremely dynamic meditations

we enjoyed the work.

The food that was again made and offered with love was a dream

and I especially indulged in the German delicacies.

I will miss my dream team

my friends

and my German SOL family.

But I only need to close my eyes and you will all be with me…where ever I am at the moment. Thank you all!