This workshop was designed to build bridges between men and women, to explore the dynamic between genders and find understanding and healing. It felt like a big risk for me to offer this weekend and luckily it paid off, thanks to my guidance and to spirit!

We had an extraordinary time together

About a third of the participants were men and we had 7 couples who joined us on our adventure.

It didn’t matter if they had just met weeks ago and the love was still fresh and buzzing

or if they were together for a while

or a very long time. Healing happened for everyone

and on all levels

and of course healing didn’t only happen for the couples this weekend.

Everyone was involved in the healing process,

support was there when needed

and connection happened on many levels.

and in different ways.

Yes, we did build bridges!

which brought smiles to our faces.

Working together was a delight.

Women became more radiant,

men were fully present and available

and from a space of heart and love

we all ended being utterly grateful

and delighted.

My team and I are celebrating the success of this new born workskop!

So maybe next year YOU will join us?!