After the Shematrix training in Mullumbimby I needed a break and so we went to Flinders Island/ off Tasmania to visit our friends Lila and David on their magic property once again. For me this is one of the most intact places on this planet and every time I go there I receive many blessings and healing. And once again I am grateful for the magic of the place, the mountain, the water and for my friends.

The Island has gorgeous beaches with extraordinary rocks that often look like artwork.

One of the most precious things to do is hiking up to the goddess grove.The views are spectacular

and the water is truly golden and has healing powers. Although the water was cold we bathed and covered ourselves with the healing foam.

After a big storm the waterfalls were roaring

and I was able to take a bubble bath in the cold creek water that was rich with healthy minerals. This felt like the necessary clearing for a big transformational change some days later:

Walking and standing in a labyrinth at the foot of the mountain

my Guardian Angel offered me a new guide, a new Angelic support.

I have been given the guidance of a new Golden Angel that stands right behind me. I was so full of energy after this event that I laughed and cried a the same time. I am so happy and feel so very blessed!

Kamal was given a Dragon Egg by the mountain which he found at one of the most unlikely places for such a rock. He loves it and was granted permission to take it home by the mountain and the guardians of the land.

This and many more things were celebrated with our old and some new friends.

And then there was of course the blond echidna

the baby wombat

that we were able to hold

and that wasn’t disturbed by many women sitting on Ana’s bed and being totally besotted by the little thing.

Isn’t she so cute?! Her name is Magnolia.

And despite the intense weather we had some great times at the ocean with big waves and stormy winds

as well as sunny moments for a quick dip in the ocean.

Golden sunsets,

Eagle blessings,

wallabies with their joeys all around us

and the most magnificent moments of the sun sinking into the distant mountain.

I feel truly blessed and given to. I am home now and sitting in gratitude and wonder!

Yes, I feel like I have wings right now! Can you see it?