After a wonderful time in Germany with the magic of all the trainings and workshops I traveled with my husband to Germany to experience the magic of the crop circles and the old druid places. And after receiving the blessings of my work in Germany I was blessed again. First we spent a week in Wiltshire and I would like to share some of my experiences with you.

We spent our first day in Avebury and experienced the energy and  magic of a very old culture.

I was taken by the power and strength of the old circles in Avebury.

Stonehenge had a deep and strong power as well, but unfortunately it isn’t very accessable  for tourists anymore.

And in this case we were tourists. Still it felt important to visit this place, to feel it and see it.

This day also brought our first crop circle and this is how the true magic began for my journey to Wiltshire. The first crop circle reminded me of the energy of Angels and divine dimensions.

and I bathed in that energy.

We all enjoyed it and filled ourselves up

Our first crop circle was a miracle!

Even for people who don’t believe in these kind of miracle it was apparent that these circles are not just made by human beings. They always appear after a night and are absolutely precise and perfect. No crop is destroyed, just bent.

Hmmm, it was magic and I felt blessed and given to. I still feel like that and the blessings keep on coming.

Our second crop circle appeared the next night and we were obviously the first people who stepped into it.  It had a very different energy, not as easy to hold, more masculine and nearly mathmathical. Again it was impossible to explain and just unbelievable.

Amazing, isn’t it?!

The next day we went to an older circle. It was a bit harder to feel through the energy of everyone who had visited this site to get to the essence of the circle. But it was still amazing.

sn’t it beautiful?

After this circle I was allowed to have the most beautiful experience in a circle that was there the day before and got completed over night.

This circle was for me a circle of the goddess. I had so many visions and energetic imprints running through me. It was as though I was given 5 new archetypes of the feminine. My whole system was vibrating in new dimensions and I laughed and cried at the same time.

I am so grateful for this experience.

I needed some time for integration and so we visited some old holy places. First of all we went to  Kennet Long Barrow, and old burrial ground that had a sound for me, a deep humming. The most amazing thing was that you could see and feel Salisbury from here.

I could have stayed her forever.

Again I felt the depth of the Magic!

And then we went to our last crop circle.This one was soft and it felt like it was completing everything.

This circle was close to one of the beautiful white Horses from England. Isn’t it beautiful?!

With this experience my crop circle journey was complete. Now I wanted to visit some more old important places. And so we went to the White Dragon AKA Horse of Uffington. The sun was shining as we went up the hill  and looked over the dragon hill into the valley.

Later we went along the Ridgeway past the Uffington Caslte to Wayland Smithy, a gorgeous old neolithic burrial ground that is surrounded by tall birch trees.

For all of us this was a beautiful ending.

We all enjoyed the magic of this place together.

Yes, the experiences in Wiltshire were magic, touched and transformed me.

I am looking forward to my next training and my work. I feel that the change in me also changes my work and will make it deeper and wider.