My last weekend in Germany this year, an insightful and healing weekend for everyone and a miraculous blessing to myself. It was a rich and colourful combination of people who gathered to explore new paths in the labyrinth of their destiny.

The weather goddess was very kind to us and thus we were able to draw some labyrinths outside and walk the labyrinth throughout the weekend

and they were used a lot.

I loved it!

Thre was a lot of possibility for change



and everyone was able to hold and love themselves

and to go inside.

What a beautiful group of people that came together this weekend to use the energy,

move it and shift old patterns

as well as enjoy each others company.

We had a really good time and as I am saying good bye to my work in Germany this year  and to my wonderful friends. I hope to see a lot of you again next year and maybe many more people will want to join us.

Thank you everyone for everything. I am so grateful and my heart sings in happiness and delight!