Each year we have a wonderful community day in Mullumbimby, dedicated to the people that we have lost over the years. It is a deep and truly touching event and I always try to be part of it when I am around.  Luckily the weather was good enough for the event to be held outside, under the old fig trees.

Everyone can offer prayers, light a candle, put photos of loved ones on the tree and just be in the space of love, compassion, grief and celebration.

It is a gift to participate!

I love sharing this space with my beloved and friends. There is always so much that can be felt and offered.

How lucky we are to have such a community!

I pray for all the people we have lost and all those who are fighting for their life right now. I pray for love and life and celebrate and enjoy every moment that I am here on this beautiful planet.Thanks to all my friends and the people that I have met and will meet and that make my life such a wonderful, rich and delightful experience.