This was probably one of my most profound Spirit of Light Deepening trainings ever.

We used a lot of ritual during the weekend to let go and create visions for the new.

Clearing spaces inside and out,

Burning everything that was before now,

Creating a matrix as a foundation for the change of the world

and allowing the imprint of the blessings of that matrix, the new mandala of live to enter our human systems.

The energetic support was extraordinary!

Together we planted a tree on the ashes of the old and the vibration of the new,

an apple tree that will be bearing fruits one day

and that will be a symbol for our work together for the years to come.

We used energy work to support the openening to the new in our systems

on many levels

and to everyones enjoyment!

And together we brought our visions into physical form

and the energetic world helped to bring those visions all the way in.

This was an amazing weekend!

full of so many enjoyable moments.

We all enjoyed our time so much

in the arms of each other and of course all our guidance.

My team….. a dream team…..

although there are moments……..?!

This weekend showed once again the amazing miracles of life, love and connection. And the circle is once again cast! Thanks to everyone who joined the Spirit of Light family this weekend! I love you all so very much and am very grateful and I will be taking a bit of a rest for the next week

until we are back at our wonderful venue under the chestnut tree for the women’s weekend.