The new members of the Spirit of Light family met for the first time in Mullumbimby this weekend for the first part of the training. And what a glorious beginning of the training this weekend was!

It felt like the coming together of a group of unique beings that knew exactly why they had to be here at this point in time.

It was a very humbling experience

and everyone was willing to give their gifts and receive what was being offered.

The realms of energies were enjoyed in many ways

as unique gifts were explored.

Working together was fun,



and heart felt.

Moments of devotion and gratitude,

deeply clearing work

and dedication to light and love.

My team had fun

and so did everyone else.

We did some deep work

which also allowed for laughter.

The whole group embraced working with energy easily

and our temple cat enjoyed herself too.

Yes, we all had a wonderful time with each other and we are all glad that this is just the beginning of our journey.

We’ll be seeing you again in October after part 2.