Part 2 of the Spirit of Light Training was a profound experience for everyone.

Ceremony in the circle,

active meditations,

shared spaces

and healing practices

created depth

and intimacy.

The participants explored their unique ways

of supporting each other

and connecting

from heart to heart.

And we all had so much fun

in the space

and during exercises

as well as in the breaks.

Yes, there was a lot of laughing

and enjoying

each other.

And although my team worked hard

there was always time for us to have loads of fun.

This was also the first time we used a “mock up” version of the new Spirit of Light cards that are in the making!

Deeply grateful

and connected from heads to toes

did we take our leave for this year. But we will be meeting again in February 2014.

Thanks to my gorgeous Spirit of Light family all over the world. You teach me so much and make me so very happy!