The 3rd part of our SOL Spirit of Light Training in Mullumbimby has left me full of wonder and excitement as to what is possible with a dedicated group of people.

Part 3 always has a bit of a shamanic influence and we honor and play with the different elements as we dive deep into the energetic realms. After having participated in a deep and transformative process myself last year, I felt even more connected and able to bring the power of the elements into our 4 day journey.

A powerful ceremony connected us all even more deeply

and created healing and intimacy.

I always feel honored to be present and part of such transformation.

We ended the ceremony marking each other to enhance radiance and beauty

which always adds so much creativity and fun.

Love was the weaving throughout the weekend

and with such deep transformational processes breaks were necessary.

Thanks to everyone who came to play and especially my gorgeous friend, organizer and assistant Suzie!