There is always a bit of sadness and the feeling of loss when the Spirit of Light training is complete after part 4 and this time it is no different. I am letting go of a precious group of people as we are all going our ways after a beautiful, deep and wonderfully connected Spirit of Light training here in Mullumbimby….but I hope I will see you all again!

This is the newest addition to my Spirit of Light family after having spend some time drawing visions together.

Sharing our drawings and visions with each other was very supportive, meaningful and FUN!

The intimacy and love in this group was always tangible and very touching.

During these last 4 days together we combined channeling, healing and nurturing in a beautiful group meditation

where receiving and giving happened naturally.

What can I say but admire the blissful beauty of meditation.

This time we were blessed to have our hosts Joanne and her partner Bobbie around while we were doing our work….and of course Princess was there too.

Princess inspired me to try out the cushions and have a rest during one of the breaks. Thank you Princess!

May we all continue to shine our light and love brightly!