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I just love working with women and this workshop was filled with light, delight and miracles.

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Inspired by an exercise we did at the Shematrix Gathering in November 2013 in Byron Bay, I started the weekend with some dynamic drawing

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and exploration of energetic imprints in our bodies.

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After some healing exercises the weekend started to have a dynamic of its own and everyone was blown away by the depth of the transformation that started to happen.

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And the pictures that we continued to work with became a reflection of all the shifts and changes.

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Of course, women being creative together also brought lots of fun,

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laughter and

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deep connection.

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Love was tangible!

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We danced and we shared delightful moments,

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beauty in all forms

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and we created imprints of healing and love.

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A weekend of feminine creativity and abundance!

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There is one more weekend and a 4 day training that you could join! Come on, jump in and have some fun with us!