WOW! We had such a fabulous Training. Working with the Inner Child brought us into unbelievable depth and so many things touched us to the core. We all went home totally fulfilled and happy.

Already while we were preparing for the weekend Sonja and I had the feeling that this would be an extraordinary time and we were so looking forward to it.

It became apparent after a very short time that everyone was willing to go to the most hidden places.

So much healing happened in the group

and of course meditation was always part of working and integrating.

We explored healing techniques by ourselves

and as a group

and so much intimacy was possible.

Loving connection was part of it as well as

supporting each other.

As usual we were spoiled by our ayurvedic cooks with the most delicious food

and our inner children were allowed to play outside.

Laughing was part of the daily program.

Yes, we laughed a lot

and we laughed some more

we held each other

and had fun.

After a deep initiation

happiness was tangible and visible in our eyes.

Of course we danced this weekend

and enjoyed our breaks.

and that is what I am doing now. I am happily looking forward to a break and then the next weekend. Thank you everyone!